The Thermax TC32G

         The Thermax TC32G permanent-magnet generator was intended to be the higher-rpm, higher-power version of the TC25G. But it appears not many were sold. Its nominal power rating was 32 watts, but could put out up to 200 watts at 3000 rpm. It came with a 5/16" shaft, bronze bushings, and 2 end-mount bolts. The internal brushes were not field-replaceable. Before the Internet, sales were direct to the user by way of ads in magazines like Popular Mechanics. Clicking on the below hyperlinks will allow you to see the item noted and view its content. Then click the BACK button on your browser to return to this host page. You may also save any page to your local device by right-clicking on a link or image and doing a "Save-As".

TC32G label zoom

TC32G box

Sale Flyer front and back covers

Sale Flyer inside pages

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