S u p e r c o n d u c t o r
Demonstration Kits and Materials

Colorado Superconductor, Inc. sells several superconducting kits which demonstrate the Meissner effect, as well as measurement of Tc, Hc, and current density. Contact Colorado Superconductor, Inc. at 1623 Hillside Dr., Fort Collins, Colorado 80524. Phone: 1-877-778-2840 toll free. E-mail: csconductor@comcast.net

Images Company offers a number of demonstration kits based on YBCO. Most noteworthy are 2 low-cost Dewars offered to hold and transport liquid nitrogen (LN2). These are much less expensive than a standard research-grade Dewar, with better insulation characteristics than a thermos bottle. Contact: Images Company, 39 Seneca Loop, Staten Island NY 10314. Phone: (718) 698-8305, Fax: (718) 982-6145. E-mail: images@imagesco.com

Boreal/Science Kit (Edmund Scientific) sells several superconductivity demonstration kits for educational and laboratory demonstrations. Kits demonstrate the Meissner effect and show levitation. 777 E Park Drive PO Box 5003 Tonawanda, NY 14150 Telephone (800) 828-7777.

CAN Superconductors is a Czech company that sells educational kits demonstrating the Meissner effect and superconductivity basics. YBCO and BiPbSrCaCuO materials are offered. Contact CAN SUPERCONDUCTORS, s.r.o., Ringhofferova 66, 251 68 Kamenice, tel. +420 323 619 965or E-mail: info@can-superconductors.com

Arbor Scientific resells several of the Superconductive Components kits (above) based on YBa2Cu3O7, for educational demonstrations of the Meissner effect and more. Kit prices range from $29 to $125. Phone toll-free in the USA 800-367-6695. Arbor Scientific, P. O. Box 2750, Ann Arbor, MI. 48106, USA. E-mail: mail@arborsci.com

Tel-Atomic, Inc. offers many science-related kits. They have both YBCO and BSCCO superconductor kits that demonstrate the Meissner and AC Josephson effects, Tc, Hc, and Jc. Located in Jackson, Michigan, USA. Call 800-622-2866. E-mail: sales@telatomic.com.

Sargent-Welch Scientific sells a superconductivity demonstration kit, which includes experiments demonstrating the Meissner effect, zero-resistance and quantum mechanical effects, and the variables of Tc, Jc, and Hc. All of the Sargent-Welch kits are made by Futurescience, Inc. Contact Sargent-Welch Scientific Company, 7300 N Linden Ave., Skokie Illinois 67007; telephone (800) SARGENT.

Alfa Aesar can provide HTSC precursor powders if you have a kiln and are experienced in baking ceramic superconductors. BaCuO, BaCaCuO, BiSrCaCuO, and YBCO powders in various elemental ratios. The quality is research-grade (99.9%) with a matching price. They also have a vast inventory of chemicals and other products. No minimum order. But, they will only sell to a business or institution. VISA/MC/AMEX. Tel: (978)-521-6300 Fax: (978)-521-6350. E-mail: info@alfa.com

ORNL Tutorial ....gives step-by-step instructions for cooking up a 1-2-3 ceramic superconductor.

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